Drug May Delay Prostate Cancer Progression

European researchers released a study that shows a new drug can delay the progression of prostate cancer in as many as 66% of patients over a two year period. The Renal & Urology News said the double-blind, random study of dutasteride involved almost 300 patients who had a PSA relapse after radical therapy.

PSA is protein produced by the prostate. A PSA relapse is an increase in PSA after surgical or radiologic treatment of the prostate and indicates a tumor will reappear if untreated.

“Compared with placebo, dutasteride significantly decreased the risk of PSA doubling by 66% for the overall study period, “ Researchers wrote.”The drug also significantly delayed disease progression (which included PSA-related and non-PSA-related outcomes) compared with placebo, for an overall relative risk reduction of 59% in favor of dutasteride.”

As with any drug, more study is needed. However, this study is encouraging. The fact a simple pill can have such a dramatic impact on cancer progression is good news. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about this promising new line of treatment.

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