iDry Incontinence iPhone App

A new app is touting itself as the next great incontinence treatment. Developers say the app gives patients the opportunity to log data like diet, behavior, and exercise, but also details like when a pad or diaper is changed. Such precise tracking allows patients to see exactly which actions, drugs, or behavior changes affected their incontinence and by how much.

“It provides them with tools to help them overcome this disorder, “The app's creators said. “It also offers valuable information to physicians to enhance treatment, and provides urology researchers with a comprehensive database of UI activity, interventions, and results.”

While the app does sound promising, key selling points like being able to email data to your doctor, and get reminders to do Kegel exercises, are only available in the paid version. While the free app uses your data to forecast future success, only the paid version allows you to view actual progress, like changes in the number of pads used.

For some patients, logging everything can be helpful in determining an effective plan of action. If you’re one of those patients, go ahead and give this a try. Otherwise, a pad and pen still work just fine.

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