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Prostate Health.

Far too often, men delay treatment for prostate issues. Rest assured, we offer minimally invasive and painless treatments for enlarged prostates and prostate cancer, some of which have NO negative impact on potency. We can frequently screen, diagnose and treat in just one procedure. Gone are the days when prostate treatment meant loss of virility. Today, prostate treatment means getting better, and that’s all.

Erectile Dysfunction:

There are many causes for ED, not all of which are strictly urologic. We are known for being meticulous in our patient care to make sure the treatment you receive is the most appropriate and effective you can get. Once the cause has been identified, we offer every treatment available from medication to injection therapy, diet, exercise and beyond. We will find the treatment that works for you and your lifestyle.

Testosterone Hormone Replacement:

Aging is natural, getting old is a choice. For men who suffer the lethargy, low sex drive, muscle loss and other problems associated with low testosterone or Low T, safe fast-acting treatment is available to help restore you to health and vitality.

Testosterone hormone replacement is also part of our effective treatment for steroid use recovery. Long-term steroid use, no matter how carefully controlled, can be hard for a body to recover from. We offer support and treatment for those wishing to wean off steroids, as well as the care needed to get your system back into balance.

Women’s Care:

Women comprise more than 40% of our practice. Whether you battle infections, stones, incontinence or other issues, we provide all the care you need in our state of the art office.

So why choose our practice? Our reputation is one of meticulous care. Careful screening with the latest technology, clear communication, accuracy, discretion, and convenience are our hallmarks. We take the time to understand you and your problem and make sure to find and treat the cause, not just the symptoms. Ours is not a practice that treats men all day but accommodates women when necessary. Nearly half of our patients are women, and most treatment and procedures are available in our private, convenient and state of the art office. We are a certified surgical center with highly-qualified, board-certified anesthesiologists on staff.
If your health care professional has suggested you see a urologist, or you suspect you have an issue that needs closer attention, schedule a consultation today.

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